Our core belief is regular focus in three areas produces healthy, dynamic and thriving organizations. When one of these areas is missing or suboptimal, it is difficult to move forward. When two or more are missing or suboptimal, moving forward becomes almost impossible. Because every leader and every organization is unique, every ForgeWorks relationship is unique. We provide a tailored approach that honors your needs and organizational culture. Effective leaders spend time and effort in each of these three critical areas:


Education, mentoring and alignment of your team is a dynamic and challenging process. To assist you, we offer informative and interactive presentations on trends, disruptions, culture, innovation, workforce, experience development and leadership. Ways we can help:
Board Presentations
Workshops and Retreats
Ideation Sessions Designed to Solve a Problem
Team Sessions, Sharing Approaches and Insights
Enneagram Training and Understanding
Team Retreats and Leadership Development
Executive Coaching


We recently asked a group of about 30 non-profit leaders two questions. First, “Do you believe your culture is good and supports your mission?” Almost everyone raised their hands in agreement. Second, we asked, “Do you believe your culture is the right culture to survive and thrive into the future?” Nobody raised their hand and the room grew silent. This exercise confirmed that we need better a better way forward.

Phase I: Cultural Discovery
We use a two-phase process, which is quite useful for team discussions and decision making. Cultural Discovery examines artifacts and practices to gain an understanding of your existing culture. Next, to gain insight and avoid any potential blind spots, we use a secure, online Cultural Values Assessment (CVA), developed by the Barrett Values based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Phase II: Cultural Alignment
Phase II often varies in need, approach, budget and emphasis. In this step, we develop tools and approaches to build and teach the desired cultural values. We will work with your team to determine the very best approach to this phase.

Tools and approaches we use:
Practical Written and Visual Tools to Teach Culture
Team Coaching Around Cultural Alignment and Implementation
Website Development and Refinement to Build Culture
Retreats, Community Meetings, Conversational Sessions to Build Culture



We are strategists and innovators at heart with a desire to build a productive approach for your team and organization to move forward. We have found that complex strategy approaches and tools go unused and stop progress. We use an Envisioned Future in which your team finds the central areas of needed focus and creates a needed pathway forward that is both understandable and valuable. Our co-creation approach is extremely interactive and focused.

Central tools we can provide for you in strategic positioning and growth are:
Organizational Strategy Development using your Envisioned Future
Communovation Sessions
Affiliation Readiness Study

Affiliations, Partnerships and New Business Evaluations (including cultural alignment)
Campus Redevelopment
Emerging Leaders Program Development


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