Our service is centered upon a core belief that regular, thoughtful and balanced focus in three significant areas will produce healthy, vibrant and dynamic, thriving organizations as follows:

Because every leader, every organization and culture is unique, each ForgeWorks relationship reflects that uniqueness. You will discover a clear starting point and process to move forward. You will not find transactional relationships or cut and paste solutions. We promise you to provide tailored approaches, process and solutions which we have used and tested over time within our organization that honor your unique situation and organizational culture.

Finally, as part of our mission, we also have the capacity to work with non-profit organizations with limited funds to pay for services. Let’s connect regarding the work you are doing and the resources available to help.

In short, we provide a new way forward. Here’s how:



A customized approach around trends, culture, tools needed in a changing environment, branding or a wide range of other important topics for boards, leadership teams, department leaders, etc. Many times we use ideation sessions which are both productive and great fun! A few ideas on how this might be used in your organization:
Workshops and Retreats
Industry Specific Board Sessions
Ideation Sessions
Learning Journeys
Innovation Process, Techniques, and Discovery



With increasing transparency and new ways to thrive, smart organizations realize that your culture IS your brand, and investing in culture truly drives business health and results. It has been said that culture eats strategy for breakfast (and for lunch!). So, we choose to place a high emphasis on how to understand culture and proven methods to build healthy cultures moving forward. We use a highly dialogue-centered approach of interviews, discussions, person-centered principles and objective evaluation using the CTT system developed by Sir Richard Barrett and the Barrett Values Center. This is based upon Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and is applicable in a wide variety of settings. This has a variety of possibilities in our work with you including:
Cultural Discovery and Dialogue
Internal vs. External Culture Comparisons 
Cultural Alignment Plans and Initiatives
Cultural Training Materials and Resources
Coaching Model Development



A new way forward requires new organizational views toward growth and engagement with other organizations as well as strategic processes which align people, culture, initiatives and strategy. It is no longer an option to be an island, but rather our work and efforts need to connect with the broader community around us. In this area, here’s where we can help you to move forward:
Organizational Strategy Development using your Envisioned Future
Communovation Sessions
Affiliation Readiness Study

Affiliations, Partnerships and New Business Evaluations (including cultural alignment)
Campus Redevelopment
Emerging Leaders Program Development


To begin your ForgeWorks experience: