While the terms sales and marketing are often used interchangeably, the words represent two completely different disciplines. In our experience, when sales people are expected to do marketing, they are ineffective. Conversely, when marketing people are expected to sell—they can’t.

Marketing, as a discipline, focuses on storytelling, moving people through the sales funnel, generating leads, advertising and relationship building.

In contrast, sales focuses on converting leads to increase occupancy, shorten turn-around time and improve the bottom line.

At ForgeWorks, we strive to help you thrive, in whatever position you hold! We offer support that will help you find success, grow your sales and improve your bottom line.


If you need assistance with Sales, we can help:

Regional Sales Director: This retainer-based relationship includes a designated sales professional who will plan, coach and support your sales team to increase occupancy, grow revenue and improve your bottom line.

Interim Sales Director: Recruiting a sales person who represents your community can sometimes take time. An Interim Sales Director can keep you moving forward during the recruiting process and also provide coaching and training for your whole sales team.

Sales Coach: Have sales plateaued? Do you have a new team member who needs some independent coaching? Do you have a sales challenge where you just can’t figure out where to start? A ForgeWorks Sales Coach can help break the plateau, offer outside training and accountability or help you problem-solve difficult-to-sell product. Choose one-on-one or team coaching sessions.

Sales Expert on Retainer: Need an outside perspective on your occupancy challenges? An expert to offer new ideas? Framework to streamline your sales process? A ForgeWorks Sales Expert on retainer can provide that insight as you need it.

We can also provide onsite or virtual training and ideation sessions for your Sales & Marketing teams.



If you need assistance with Marketing, we can help:
Regional Marketing Director: This retainer-based relationship includes a designated marketing professional who can offer an outside perspective, help you define your target market, as well as assist in creating a plan for reaching that market and driving leads to support your occupancy goals.
To view a collection of video conversations that explains the innovation and strategy behind ForgeWorks marketing and sales offerings click here.

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