We began ForgeWorks in October 2017. Since that time we have been honored to serve organizations from a variety of different industries. We appreciate the
opportunity to share our experience with them as they share their journey with us.

What leaders are saying:

“The entire ForgeWorks team exceeded our expectations in creating a brochure for our retirement community. The process from start to finish was extremely professional and the end result looks better than what we were expecting. The turnaround time was very quick considering all the additional edits we sent, and the responses to email were always polite and prompt. I would definitely recommend ForgeWorks because their team brought our vision to reality.”
Rebecca Safronchik, Administrative Coordinator, Hope Village, Inc.
ForgeWorks Involvement: Written and Visual Tools to Teach Culture

“CrossNet Ministries worked with ForgeWorks to evaluate our culture and solidify core values. Working with ForgeWorks was a game-changer for our organization. They brought professionalism and expertise to the table as we worked through our cultural assessment as a team. They were able to give direction for next steps and worked closely with each team member to process what is important to CrossNet. I am incredibly thankful for their time, how they built trust, their creativity and their ability to listen well. Thank you ForgeWorks!”
Meredith Dahl, Executive Director, CrossNet Ministries
ForgeWorks Involvement: Cultural Discovery and Alignment

“Through the years it has been my pleasure to work with Steve Jeffrey. He has been a trusted and valued colleague and his skills and talents to facilitate transactions and lead processes has been exemplary. Steve approaches issues and desired outcomes with diligence and perseverance and I have appreciated his candor and in depth industry knowledge. His creative approach to problem solving is appreciated and recognized.”
Luanne Fisher, PhD, NHA, President and CEO, Liberty Lutheran
ForgeWorks Involvement: Organizational Growth Partner

“The Enneagram Training for our team retreat was EXCELLENT. You were knowledgeable and easygoing. I want to dive in deeper. It is SO interesting.”
Deb Brandt – Owner, Fig Industries
ForgeWorks Involvement: Enneagram Training for a Team Retreat

“ForgeWorks’ efforts and performance with our organization continues to be helpful, insightful and valuable. With the constant challenges and evolution associated with today’s and tomorrow’s workforce, we consider it important for the United Methodist Homes to examine its culture and values. Our goal is to determine how the personal values of our employees align with the values of United Methodist Homes so we can better work together to fulfill our mission. ForgeWorks continues to provide insights and guidance in the on-going self-examination of our organization by utilizing approaches which are based on education and common understanding, cultural discovery and alignment, and organization growth and innovation.”
Brian Picchini, President and CEO, United Methodist Homes
ForgeWorks Involvement: Cultural Discovery and Alignment

“Steve’s approach to a project allowed us to analyze the data and make the right decision for our organization.”
Bob Rundle, President and CEO, Spiritrust
ForgeWorks Involvement: Exploring New Partnership/Affiliation Strategies