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We recently asked a group of nonprofit leaders two questions. First, “Do you believe your culture is good and supports your mission?” Almost everyone raised their hands in agreement. Second, we asked, “Do you believe your culture is the right culture to survive and thrive into the future?” Nobody raised their hand and the room grew silent. 

We need a better way forward. Here’s how we get there.

Phase I: Cultural Discovery

We use a two-step process to facilitate team discussions and decision making. Cultural Discovery examines artifacts and practices to gain an understanding of your existing culture. Next, to gain insight and avoid any potential blind spots, we use a secure, online Cultural Values Assessment (CVA), developed by Barrett Values based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Phase II: Cultural Alignment

Phase II often varies in need, approach, budget and emphasis. In this step, we develop tools and approaches to build and teach the desired cultural values. We will work with your team to determine the very best approach to this phase.

Tools and approaches we use:

Practical Written and Visual Tools to Teach Culture

Team Coaching Around Cultural Alignment and Implementation

Retreats, Community Meetings, Conversational Sessions to Build Culture


“CrossNet Ministries worked with ForgeWorks to evaluate our culture and solidify core values. Working with ForgeWorks was a game-changer for our organization… Thank you ForgeWorks!”

Meredith Dahl, Executive Director, CrossNet Ministries
ForgeWorks Involvement: Cultural Discovery and Alignment

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