Let’s admit it. Leading a non-profit organization is both rewarding and hard work. Every day a new challenge presents itself. Every day there is an opportunity to change a life. We need solid resources and trusted peers to walk with us. But something is missing. Many leadership teams are stuck in day-to-day operations, unable to see a fresh vision forward. They walk alone, unable to find the right resources. They do not know where to turn.

Through the centuries, people have formed guilds to learn, to discuss and to create together. That’s the heart of ForgeWorks. Sharing resources. 
Connecting with new ideas. Creating together. Seeing what is possible instead of what is. We keep it simple. Our work with you and your team is based upon three clear elements: 


We understand the demands, time pressures and rewards of leading a non-profit organization. We know that your leadership time and focus is too valuable to invest in theories or untested solutions. Many times these “solutions” waste time, energy and focus. We have been there, and we have learned.

To avoid this, we work using two key principles. First, as artisans, we carefully select the tools we use in our work. Our work is our craft and having great tools is a must. We use tools and approaches tested within our organization and the field that provide significant value. Second, we share resources freely and often. These foundational principles provide unique benefits to you and your team.


For non-profits, process matters. It’s not enough to provide the solution without building support through the process. Throughout the entire interaction, we keep you and your team updated and informed. Clear steps. Clear milestones. Actionable steps forward. Candid conversations. Open and honest communication. We look for unique and useful ways to involve your team in creating needed solutions. We structure our approach to engage people to reason and “co-create” the right path forward. Input and ownership provide the best possible environment for success.


Our goal is to provide great and lasting value to your organization. Our team is full of experienced and seasoned leaders who bring a deep base of experience to you. We spend time together, listen, learn and build a deep understanding of what’s needed to move ahead. Moreover, the relationship doesn’t end when the work is complete. Every leader has access to new and fresh ideas as part of the Guild of Organizational Artisans. The guild is a community of organizational leaders practicing the art of leadership, living their mission and creating lasting impact. The guild provides events, blogs, models and other resources for your leadership journey.
To join the community of friends and organizational artisans at ForgeWorks: