Leading a non-profit organization requires a combination of grace, humility, perseverance, love and all with an eye toward the future. Everyday a new challenge presents itself. Everyday there is an opportunity to change a life. But, it can’t be done alone. We need solid resources and trusted advisors to walk with us.

ForgeWorks grew out of Garden Spot Communities’ Envisioned Future, which includes an initiative to launch a new organization to serve non-profits. For years people have been asking, “Can you help us?” and “Can you walk alongside us as we create change?” Unfortunately, we couldn’t help because we didn’t have the tools or structures in place.

ForgeWorks is a guild of organizational practitioners with a wealth of experience in faith-based non-profit and senior living industries. We know how challenging it can be to balance the expectations of your board, staff and constituents. We’ve walked through periods of growth and laid foundations for future growth. We’ve succeeded in some of our ventures. We’ve failed forward in others.


Watch to learn more about the vision for ForgeWorks in this video featuring Co-Founders Steve Jeffrey and Steve Lindsey.

Sometimes you simply get stuck and need help moving forward. You need someone to ask you the tough questions like “What is the most important issue facing your organization today?” and “What are you pretending not to know?”

With a history of innovation and forward thinking, we desire to create long term relationships with leaders and organizations passionate about living their mission and creating lasting impact. We want to partner with you to share best practices in order to create solutions and a vision for future growth for you and your organization.

Sometimes you need someone to ask you “Why not?”
Welcome to ForgeWorks!


Steve Jeffrey leads ForgeWorks. He joined Garden Spot Communities in April 2017 as Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer. With a career’s worth of experience with non-profits, Steve offers a strong understanding of his gifts and life mission and a vision for walking together with people and organizations and helping them grow and evolve into the very best version they can be. Over time, we will be adding Sages and Artists, people from different walks of life and professions, to pour into the creative and innovative texture of ForgeWorks.



There are lots of great organizations who provide service to non-profits and fill vital needs in planning, development and operations. We have no desire to duplicate these.  At the same time, our experience and interactions with peers and leaders shows us something is missing. Many leaders and organizations are trapped by fear, reliance on the past, lone-wolf syndrome, lack of a compelling new vision – in a word, stuck. For others, the need is more focused on developing new mindsets for innovation, aligning their culture with growth or finding a trusted group of peers to speak into new ventures and opportunities. Solutions can no longer rely upon new governmental funding or expansion of resources. We must develop new models, methods and approaches.

Over the centuries, the trades and artists have formed Guilds – of learning and growth, where friends discuss new ideas, learn, try new approaches and create together. That’s the heart of Forgeworks… to build a true community of artists, friends and organizational practitioners who are passionate about living their mission and creating lasting impact.

ForgeWorks was created specifically to serve faith-based and nonprofit organizations in the senior living and human services markets. We have created specific services that ForgeWorks will provide in three critical areas: Cultural Advancement, Organizational Growth and Innovation and Convening Groups to Solve Significant Problems. Poured out of the crucible of Garden Spot Communities, ForgeWorks embraces a like mission and the core values of community, excellence, service, stewardship, innovation and integrity in all its work.

Beyond the services provided, every leader and organization we work with will become part of the Guild of Organizational Artisans, gaining access to a community of friends and leaders learning and growing together.

To join the community of friends and organizational artisans at ForgeWorks: