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It’s vital to find a compatible business partner to trust with your biggest challenges. Especially when you need solutions that work.  Our foundations shape the way we work. They guide our priorities and interactions.

We are peers, friends and colleagues.
We value the art of leadership, and continue to learn and evolve our leadership, just like you.

We are lifelong learners with a passion for understanding what’s next.
We listen and learn from you. We observe, test, and watch emerging cultural trends. We routinely borrow and adapt ideas from other settings. Innovation happens when we look and listen.

Innovation happens best in community.
Great ideas die in notebooks, files and on post-it notes. We have a different way. The term we use is “Communovation.” It is an interactive group process to develop, refine and grow an idea into a masterpiece.

We walk together.
Together, we find processes and approaches that provide lasting benefit. As a faith-based, mission-centered organization, our faith and heritage inform how we work, create the centrality of our mission and compel us to do our very best.

We pay it forward.
As part of our ongoing commitment, we serve non-profit organizations with limited resources. Let’s connect on the work you are doing and see if we can find a way to provide the time and resources to help.

We help to shape your organization, not recreate ours.
You have a unique history, approach and ethos that is all your own and we respect and honor that.

We don’t play with confidentiality, we practice it.
You have our assurance that confidential plans and approaches will be kept confidential. It’s that simple.



Our approach to helping leaders find success, increase revenue and improve their strategy and culture development includes three clear elements: 


We use our successes and failures to help you find the best path forward. We offer field-tested tools and approaches that can help you strengthen your organization. We also share resources freely and often. These foundational principles provide unique benefits to you and your team.


It’s not enough to provide a solution without building support through the process. We commit to keeping you and your team updated and informed. Clear milestones. Actionable steps forward. Open and honest communication. 

We build buy-in for change by engaging key stakeholders as we “co-create” the right path forward. Input and ownership provide the best possible environment for success.


Our leaders bring a deep base of experience. We spend time together, listen, learn and build an understanding of what’s needed to move ahead. 


To join the community of friends and organizational artisans at ForgeWorks: