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Sometimes you have a hunch there is a better way. When it was time to expand skilled nursing at Garden Spot Village, we had a hunch there was a better way to serve people in skilled nursing. So, we asked the people who have the most direct connection to the residents – the CNAs. Through in-house discussions, off-site learning journeys, partnerships with Action Pact and local architects, Garden Spot created a blueprint and a culture that transforms skilled nursing care by placing the individual’s needs above all else. Let ForgeWorks help you follow your hunch.

Sometimes you need assurance you are doing the right thing to stay the course. When Garden Spot Village revamped its main, formal dining room into The Harvest Table, a fast casual dining restaurant with stations, people kept saying “You’re crazy. It’s not going to work.” Partnerships with RLPS Associates and Sodexo kept the project moving forward, despite the naysayers. Since the restaurant reopened in the fall of 2015 it’s been the hottest spot on campus for lunch and dinner. In addition to residents, it draws family members and the outside community. Let ForgeWorks encourage you on your journey.

Sometimes you need to look at the world with a new set of eyes. One morning on the way to work, Scott Miller, Garden Spot Communities chief marketing officer, noticed a hot air balloon floating above him with the local non-profit, Christian radio station’s logo. He thought to himself, “How can they afford that?” When the United States Hot Air Balloon Team called him the following week to talk about advertising, he was already curious so he set up an appointment. Today, the Garden Spot Village balloon often floats above Lancaster County, demonstrating the life and vitality of the community. Let ForgeWorks help you look at your world with fresh eyes.

Sometimes you find inspiration on the other side of the world. Sitting in a restaurant in Zambia in southern Africa, Garden Spot Communities CEO Steve Lindsey was amazed by the incredible produce served with his meal. Despite its out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere location, the restaurant had delicious, fresh greens and vegetables. Steve asked the chef where he sourced the greens and the chef pointed outside and said, “In our greenhouse.” Through further conversation, Lindsey learned the greenhouse also provided work for people who lost their vision as a result of AIDS. Steve was immediately inspired to pursue a state-of-the-art greenhouse at Garden Spot. The inspiration was two-fold. The greenhouse would provide fresh produce and an engaging environment for resident volunteers. Plus it would also offer jobs to underserved people in the area. Through partnerships with a local entrepreneur and support from residents, Garden Spot Village opened the first commercial Aeroponic greenhouse at a retirement community in the United States. And, it dovetails perfectly with the Garden Spot mission of enriching lives. Let ForgeWorks motivate you to follow your inspiration.


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