Our team includes highly-skilled professionals with a depth of experience in a variety of fields.

Steve Jeffrey, Co-Founder/Guild Master

As Co-Founder and Guild Master, Steve Jeffrey leads ForgeWorks. With a passion for helping to build foundations in people and organizations, Steve has a deep understanding of the learning and steps needed to help others grow and evolve into the very best version they can be. He holds a Master of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership from Cairn University, is an adjunct professor at Messiah College and is a frequent speaker at local, regional and national conferences.

Whether on the mission field of Guatemala or Burkina Faso, in a non-profit board room, coaching a next-gen or serving locally, Steve brings a unique perspective of servant leadership blended with cutting-edge techniques to engage teams and help groups to discover new and creative solutions to chronic problems. Steve believes that together, we can truly find, “a new way forward.” To learn more about Steve Jeffrey and his journey to Garden Spot Communities and ForgeWorks, watch this video that tells his story.

Steve Lindsey, Co-Founder/Curator

Our Co-Founder and Curator, Steve Lindsey offers a forward-thinking approach to every situation and conversation. As CEO of Garden Spot Communities, he is the standard-bearer and keeper of the unique and vibrant culture that Garden Spot Communities is known for throughout the country and around the world. Steve has a proven track record of innovation and searches for new ideas by constantly evaluating his surroundings – whether he is in Lancaster County, San Antonio, Texas or Southern Africa. Steve has participated as a speaker in regional, state and national conferences.

Steve Muller, Ringmaster

As Ringmaster, Steve Muller must balance and maintain tasks focusing on leadership and business in various areas. Steve has diverse experience in engineering, construction and business consulting with work alongside faith-based non-profit organizations. Steve applies leadership and interaction through Dining, Facilities, Campus Services and Life Enrichment. Outside of the workspace, Steve and his family participate in their own leadership and business as a hobby.

Scott Miller, Brand Warrior

As Chief Marketing Officer, Scott Miller has over 30 years of marketing and sales experience. He spends his time at Garden Spot Village supervising and developing innovative initiatives through an annual marathon, hot air balloon, a bi-yearly magazine, “Destination: Garden Spot Village” and more. Alongside ForgeWorks, he continues to maintain positive customer response and insight through engaging strategies.

Dale Beiler, Money Ninja

As Chief Financial Officer, Dale Beiler organizes and maintains ForgeWorks’ finances. Dale has been involved in various capacities at senior living and retirement communities across Pennsylvania and has obtained various roles, such as Chief Financial Officer and Board Member. He is also a Certified Public Accountant in Pennsylvania. Dale has assisted in the development of systems, budgets and worked to develop company values and marketing strategies. Dale is knowledgeable and equipped with skills to serve non-profit companies.

Additionally, central members of our team include Technology Lord Andrew Dietzel, Storyteller Juanita Fox and our Visual Storytellers, Brandon Adams and Gavin Sauder. Collectively, these professionals provide a unique technological and creative element to ForgeWorks.

In the near future, ForgeWorks will be announcing partnerships with various “Artists,” or people who work directly with ForgeWorks organizations. We are also in process of developing “Sages,” people from other professions and walks of life who can speak into the Guild in critical areas such as creative process, innovation, problem solving and other areas of growth for non-profits.

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