Inspiration comes from many different places and in this case, encourages freedom. This short but amazingly profound writing was given to me by a dear friend. One of the most important things we can do for our teams, our families, those around us we care for deeply, is to be profoundly self-aware. This short writing hit home for me, maybe it will for you as well. Take a minute to read it.

I have waged this war
against myself for many years.
It was terrible, but now I am disarmed.
I am no longer frightened of anything because love banishes fear.
I am disarmed of the need to be right
And to justify myself by disqualifying others.
I am no longer on the defensive holding onto my riches.
I just want to welcome and to share.
I don’t hold onto my ideas and projects.
If someone shows me something better — No, I shouldn’t say better, but good — I accept them without any regrets I no longer seek to compare.
What is good, true and real is always for me the best.
That is why I have no fear.
When we are disarmed and dispossessed of self,
If we open our hearts to the God man who makes all things new then he takes away past hurts
And reveals a new time where everything is possible.

– Patriarch Athenagoras I of Constantinople


Are you in a time where it would be so good, so refreshing, so authentic just to drop your guard a bit? Are there things which you are holding on to tightly, guarding with your heart and soul, that you would love to release? Freedom lies ahead, my friends… We’d love to help you find freedom; contact us today.