We are practitioners and artisans of organizational growth and innovation – with tools, practices and approaches that we have fully used and tested within our organization. These field-tested processes are fully implementable and useful in other settings.

We are life-long learners with a passion for understanding what’s next. We listen and learn from you. We observe, we test, we watch how people are living, what cultural trends are important and strive each day to understand how to be better in our craft. We are not afraid to shape and temper our ideas around something that has not been tried before or something that can be transferred from another setting. Innovation happens in life when we look and listen.

We believe innovation happens best in community. Great ideas die in notebooks, files and on post-it notes across the country. We all have had wonderful ideas that have suffered quiet deaths. So, our approach includes innovation in community. The term we use is “Communovate.” We fundamentally believe that innovation thrives as more people pour into an idea to refine it, cast it, and grow it into a final, implementable masterpiece. Plus, it’s also a lot of fun this way!

We walk together. We will find a path and a means to help you through finding the process and services that will provide maximum benefit from concept to implementation. We desire good long-term relationships, not short-term transactions.

We are a faith-based, mission-centered organization. Our collective faith and heritage informs how we view our work, the centrality of mission, serving others and doing the very best work we can do on your behalf. We don’t aspire to be the biggest. Rather, we will build our business carefully on long-term relationships and the overall growth of your organization. As part of our mission, we also have the capacity to work with non-profit organizations with limited resources to pay for services. Let’s connect regarding the work you are doing and the resources available to help.

We help to shape your organization not recreate ours. You have a unique history, approach and ethos that is all your own and we will respect that as we work with you. At the same time, we all have areas what need some work, some behaviors that need to be overcome and we are your resource and guide through the change process.

We don’t play with confidentiality, we practice it. You have our assurance that confidential plans and approaches will be kept confidential. It’s that simple.

To lay a new foundation with ForgeWorks: