Our values and experiences shape the way we work and interact with others. We call these foundations, and we live by them. From our experience, selecting a key partner can be a challenge. By sharing our foundations, we hope that you will get a sense of what is important to us and how we will interact with you and your team.

We are peers, friends and colleagues. We value the art of leadership, and are practitioners and artisans of leadership, just like you.

We are lifelong learners with a passion for understanding what’s next.
We listen and learn from you. We observe, test, and watch emerging 
cultural trends to understand how to be better in our craft. We are not afraid to try something or borrow an idea from another setting. Innovation happens when we look and listen.

Innovation happens best in community. Great ideas die in notebooks, files and on post-it notes across the country. We have a different way. The 
term we use is “Communovation.” It is an interactive group process to develop, refine and grow an idea into a masterpiece.

We walk together.
Together, we find processes and approaches that provide lasting benefit. We are a faith-based, mission-centered organization. 
Our faith and heritage inform how we work, create the centrality of our mission and compel us to do the very best we can on your behalf.

We pay it forward.
As part of our ongoing commitment, we serve non-profit organizations with limited resources. Let’s connect on the work you 
are doing and see if we can find a way to provide the time and resources to help.

We help to shape your organization not recreate ours.
You have a unique history, approach and ethos that is all your own and we respect and 
honor that.

We don’t play with confidentiality, we practice it.
You have our assurance that confidential plans and approaches will be kept confidential. It’s that 

To lay a new foundation with ForgeWorks: