Inside a former foundry in Paris, you’ll come face to face with the art museum of the future. Actually, “face to face” barely begins to describe the multi-sensory experience that awaits as you step through the doors of the 19th-century structure and into the immersive multimedia environment of the new Atelier des Lumières (Workshop of Lights), a digital art center. Visitors to the opening exhibition in July 2018 were surrounded by the works of Gustav Klimt splashed on 10-meter-high walls by 140 laser video projectors, with a 50-speaker motion-design sound system.

To borrow a phrase from a once-popular car commercial, “This is not your father’s art museum.”

The digital art center is the brainchild of a foundation known as Culturespaces, which aims to expand the audience for art.

“People do not learn about culture as they did in the past. The practices are evolving and cultural offering must be in step with them,” Bruno Monnier, the president of Culturespaces, said in an interview with The Guardian. “The marriage of art and digital technology is, in my opinion, the future of the dissemination of art among future generations.”

Tradition will only take us so far. What Monnier says about art and culture is true about much of our world. Today people can read on electronic devices instead of print and can choose from a variety of ways to watch movies or television shows. We can shop online instead of in stores. We’ve been Amazoned and Uberized.

So, what do you need to critically rethink, remake or reshape in your world, your customer experience, or your life? This is just one powerful example of taking a concept (a simple museum) and moving it to a completely different place (a digital experience) that is more accessible, more in step with expectations and frankly, more alive and vibrant. To attract the customers of tomorrow, we need to consider a similar mold-breaking reinvention. In the process, we may also learn a great deal and delight the customers of today. Go ahead make 2019 the year you break free and explore, friends!

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Photos provided by Atelier des Lumieres.