As I was growing up, my stepfather somehow believed that I was always 11 years old. Regardless of my actual age, in his eyes I was always 11. It was a huge shock (and caused him a great deal of inner conflict)—when I started to drive. Same response, when I brought home a date for prom. He knew time was going by quickly. I, of course, couldn’t understand this. For me time was standing still. As a teenager, all I wanted was to move ahead and get to the next phase of life.

Fast forward many years, and I can’t believe that so much time has passed since my last blog. Thankfully, I have had many people asking where the blogs were OR if they dropped from our list. Some noticed and wanted to help me to restart. Anyway, I wanted to catch up on several fronts since we were last together. 

ForgeWorks has been busy and blessed with the resources and opportunity to have impact on many non-profit organizations.

  • Cultural Discovery and Alignment. We have completed 2 cultural discovery and alignments processes. These included cultural assessments, creation of aligning values and collateral for CrossNet Ministries (a non-profit in New Holland, PA) and United Methodist Homes (a non-profit organization with four locations in PA and NY). It is very rewarding to see a leadership team discover their desired culture and create new language to move forward. We are working with several other organizations on similar assignments and will report on those in the coming months.  
  • Affiliation Readiness. We also have had the opportunity to work on a few affiliation opportunities—at this point helping teams plan for future affiliations by asking the key questions in advance.
  • Enneagram Training. This has been very active as people want to grow relationally. We recently had a session in Indianapolis with the team from Mennonite Health Services and in Lancaster with the team from Fig Industries. Fig has been instrumental in the revitalization of Lancaster in their work in finding interesting stories of people making an impact in our community. Additionally, we completed a session for the leaders of Victory Church and four internal enneagram sessions in September. We continue grow our approach, adding new visuals and music to our training programs.
  • The Forge. Our new meeting space is complete. We reshaped our meeting space to accommodate state of the art video conferencing. It will also provide a great space for innovation and creative thought. 
  • Emerging Leaders 2019. We have completed our Class of 2019 Emerging Leaders program. This is a great group of 16 professionals who were recommended for this program. We met once a month on a specific topic such as innovation, strategic planning, conflict management, culture and similar areas. We read the “The Mind of the Leader”, explored journaling and a group project around technology.
  • A trip to Ireland with friends. As I am 75% Irish, I cannot describe how powerful it was to see some of the amazing coastlines and enjoy the people. It was life changing to visit Cobh, the site where over 2.5 million immigrated to the US, Canada and other parts of the world. Many would never see Ireland again.
  • A trip to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to visit my son and daughter-in law. It is so good to see my family and enjoy time together!
  • Learning more. I have been studying blogs and trying to learn more about this amazing approach and how it can help us help each other. I can see a community developing in which we can learn from each other. This is so good and so rich. 

We also are working on some other new initiatives which I will report on in the future.

I would love to hear how you are doing! Anything new over the past few months? Any new insights you are learning? Any topics you would really enjoying a blog about? Looking forward to exploring together.