Some years ago, I was facing a problem and a friend said these words to me, “Do what is right, not what is easy.” He must have realized that I really wasn’t connecting with his words, so he said it again, “Do what is right, not what is easy.” Then he said it again. I began to understand.

I cannot even begin to relay how many people I have seen in 2020 and 2021, and experienced living out this very simple motto. I have seen it in family, friends and always in leaders. As we enter 2021, many organizations are at a crossroads, considering their next steps for the future. They are trying to do what is right, what will truly position them to thrive into the future. But the path is not clear and the path is certainly not easy. The steps are difficult.

Given all of this, we have taken a bold step forward with the deep hope of doing right by having resources to help organizations and their leaders thrive into the future. In early March, we joined forces with E4 Strategic Consultancy to create Forge4Works, to serve local and regional organizations across the country.

Lois Dostalik, the founder and Chief Strategist of E4 will serve within ForgeWorks as our Transformational Architect. Loisbrings expertise including strategic thinking, strategic problem solving and organizational alignment. As the Chief Strategist for E4, Lois served clients across numerous industries and different organizational structures from for-profit to associations to privately-owned entities nationwide. By combining organizations and adding new resources now and into the future, ForgeWorks will be positioned to provide cutting-edge methods, next-generation thought and diverse experience from different industries to help organizations to thrive.

In addition to this alignment with E4, our team added two amazing people, Holly Rosini, ChangeCrafter, and Allison Cuthie, WayMaker.

Holly offers 35 years of proven leadership success, having served nearly 30 years of her career with LeadingAge PA. She served as Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President for the bulk of her tenure. She has a deep and diverse skill set, covering all aspects of operational optimization, strategic planning, business development, marketing/communications, education/event planning, finance and human resources. She is particularly passionate about working in the non-profit sector, deriving great satisfaction from creating value, supporting culture change, and ensuring sustained growth for those she serves.

Allison Cuthie is our WayMaker, a position we created to ensure that operations hum and our clients have an amazing experience in working with our team. Allison’s strong oral and written communication skills, as well as her servant’s heart, will help her guide clients through their journey with ForgeWorks. A former high school English teacher, Allison has championed community initiatives in New Holland, including fundraising for Garden Spot Fire Rescue, CrossNet Ministries and the ELANCO Library. She also served as a correspondent for LNP Media Group, sharing the events of her community with readers. She most recently served as Associate Director of Development for Garden Spot Village.

The new players join our existing core of Steve Lindsey, the Co-Founder of ForgeWorks, Scott Miller and Ric Myers, who form our sales and marketing team.

I am just overjoyed at the possibilities and potential of this team. Collectively, we will draw from our diverse base of experiences in many sectors including education, entertainment, non-profits, banking and finance, healthcare, and others to bring the very best solutions to the organizations we serve. We are incredibly excited about the possibilities as we move forward.

We would welcome your inquiry and would love to connect with you about your organization, how your culture is surviving and how our team might serve you.